Graduation Project (Tocco) Poster

Finally we chose a name for my graduation project which is Tocco.

By the way, Tocco is the translation of Touch in the Italian language.

Ahmed, my cousin designed two posters for my graduation project which is a Multi-Touch/Point Computer Interface.

Since the project is divided into two parts, each poster describes a part.

First Poster:

Tocco Poster 1(Note: Image is resized)

Second Poster:

Tocco Poster 2(Note: Image is resized)

Visit his blog to see some of his other cool designs and games.

This poster is made for  showcase of project in the Faculty Exhibition, and the Egyptian Engineering Day (EED).

More information on that will come later.

have FUN 😀


2 thoughts on “Graduation Project (Tocco) Poster

  1. haneen says:

    we want responser of communication companies to help us in our graduation project (use unused frequency of mobile)this idea we can coverage small areas , in the deserts and so on……..
    please we need help thanks a lot in advance

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