Starting Mobile (Which Platform?)

Do you want to start mobile development, and don’t know which platform to start to learn the basics?

The following videos show  a “Hello World” app being created simultaneously for iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android, and demonstrates the steps to create the app from scratch.

“Hello World” Mobile APP which contains:

  • Text Field
  • Button

and when clicking the Button, the word “Hello World” displays in the Text Field.

The code to implement the “logic” of the app is essentially the same on all platforms. However, the video shows:

  1. First the Visual Studio (Windows Phone) only takes about 35 seconds to finish and run the app
  2. In the second place comes the Xcode (iPhone) which takes about 2:40 minutes to finish the app
  3. And in the last place, Eclipse (Android) takes about 3:00 minutes to finish.

What do you think about these conclusions? Of course this is a simple example, but when the logic of the app gets complex, is it important to spend your time improving an app, or just making it run?

have FUN 😀


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