Prepartion for Esri Web Application Developer Associate 10.2 Certification

Hello all. In my journey to study geographic information systems (GIS), I decided to enter the web developer exam provided by Esri which is Web Application Developer Associate. I took the latest exam version Web Application Developer Associate 10.2 few months ago and passed it. It was a challenging exam and requires knowing of different features to solve described scenarios and investigate/fix issues.

With every major release of ArcGIS (Currently latest is 10.3), Esri releases a number of new certification exams to cover new version if more than 10% of change to the overall exam content exists. For the version 10.3 exams, all exams are updated except for developer exams which will be updated for next releases.Esri Certifications Exams

The web application developer exam is not specific to a specific language. It covers general topics regardless of the language used to build applications. The exam material for Web API is available in three different languages:

Current releases for Flex and Silverlight are the last ones and the support will end through June 2016. The future of API will be based JavaScript and HTML5.

For anyone who want to enter this exam, let me share how i studied for this test in the following steps:

  • In the certification page, there are skills measured which must be familiar with before entering the exam
  • To get information about each skill, i read about it in the below resources:
  • There is sample exam given by Esri: HERE. This sample exam contains questions with explanation of correct answers to help understand how exam questions are structured.
  • Esri provide a list of preparation resources (Pdf) to help prepare for the exam, but are not required .
  • Last but not least, you need to get your hands dirty and build some applications using the API. There are a lot of samples where you can start with.

After passing the exam, you will be an Esri Certified Web Application Developer Associate

Here is my certification: Web Application Developer Associate 10.2 certificate

Hope this helps you in your preparation. I will talk on other related topics in details in future posts.

have FUN 🙂


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